Wanna Watch MORE UMNO Movies?

Please leave a encouraging comments if you want me to upload more videos.

If you would like to purchase this website, please negotiate with me.  I am asking for very little: –

a) 50 Million Euro. (I am sure you corrupted guys can afford it).

b) The release of Raja Petra Kamarudin from Kamunting

please contact me at bs@BullShitWebsites.com

If you would like to have the word UMNO removed from this blog, please negotiate with me. I would like: –

a) better food for ISA detainees (swallow less corruption money you ass hole fools)

(http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/10/5/nation/2194223&sec=nation – Syed Hamid has emailed me, Datuk Goh and negotiated to give Raja Petra better food.  I said ok but it still doesn’t comply with the rest of terms I want)

b) the release of HINDRAF and Raja Petra Kamarudin

c) a Raya Card for Raja Petra’s family

d) a sorry card for Raja Petra

e) a pipe for Raja Petra to smoke

f) a teddy bear for Raja Petra’s daughter

g) some fish food for Raja Petra’s fish

h) some Pedigree food for Raja Petra’s cat

i) some petrol vouchers for Raja Petra’s car

j) a declaration stating that UMNO and BN will not arrest Raja Petra in the near future

contact me at bs@BullShitWebsites.com

By the way, this website was is not related to http://bodohland.wordpress.com and this website was not created to defame that wordpress blog.  It just was a coincident that both existed.  Truly this website is not created to tarnish that bodohland.wordpress.com.

Again, we at www.bodohland.com reiterate that www.bodohland.com is not in anyway related to http://bodohland.wordpress.com .  We cannot live without porn!

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