Police Letting Killers Run Free in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the police are probably too lazy to even investigate a suspected killing.  Hey, it’s already been proven!  You can see the videos of drivers breaking the law in front of the police station —- ALL HERE AT www.bodohland.com  – courtesy of Datuk Goh.

Wednesday January 14, 2009

Dad of ‘death fall’ man thinks it’s murder

KLANG: The father of businessman Sim Kwee Giap, who fell to his death from the 11th floor of the Desa Jaya apartments in Kepong on Sunday, claims he could have been murdered.

Sim Kwee Seong, 52, said there were marks on Kwee Giap’s neck that raised suspicions that he was strangled.

He said a doctor (at the mortuary where he claimed the body) told him that the marks looked like fingernail marks, which suggested strangulation.

“But I was told that the death was due to the fall and injuries sustained and not by strangulation. My son had no reason to commit suicide because he was doing well in his business. His personal life was good,” he said when met at the funeral parlour yesterday.

Selayang OCPD ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the postmortem report showed no evidence of strangulation.

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